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141 Schools For Peace

On December 16, 2014, the lives of 141 students and teachers of a school in Peshawar were lost to senseless violence.  The world was stunned and it was a dark day for Pakistan.  How could it happen?  How could anyone be against education?  What is the solution to extremism?
In the face of such violence, the solution is balanced, quality education to bring about social change and a progressive Pakistani civic society. There is a strong correlation between good education and positive social outcomes, including increased tolerance and a peaceful, happier outlook of life in general. Other social benefits are better hygiene, healthier lifestyle, planned family size, better parenting and more engaged citizenship.

In response to the brutal act of cruelty in Peshawar, TCF is committed to building 141 Schools in memory of the lives lost last December. Your donation to the ‘141 Schools for Peace’ campaign will be an affirmation that the most effective push back to extremism is quality education.   It is essential that we double our efforts to turn the tide against illiteracy, intolerance and injustice.   We pray that all schools in Pakistan will remain peaceful sanctuaries for children who seek knowledge, and for the dedicated teachers who serve the cause of education.