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Future events in PAKISTAN and WORLDWIDE

TCF is always active in sustaining female education through worldwide events.

Female education is not only a matter of a single country, so try to be updated.. The next event could be just next to you!


Month Date Event Venue Organizer
Dec-15 5 Career Counselling Session TCF Schools-  Dadu, Sindh Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
10 “Recipes for Good” Cookbook Presentation Milan, Italy TCF Italy
19 Career Counselling Session TCF Schools -Gwadar, Baluchistan Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
19-20 TCF Golf Tournament 2015 Golf Club, Karachi STCF
22-31 TCF Schools close for winter vacations (Except Quetta) Operations Dept.
Jan-16 1 TCF Schools re-open post winter vacation (except Quetta & Mansehra) Operations Dept.
2 Career Counselling Session TCF Schools- Dharki, Sindh Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
9 Career Counselling Session TCF Schools- Rawalpindi, Punjab & South West Region:  Kaemari & Baldia Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
16 Rahbar Phase XXI commences-(7 Saturdays only) TCF Schools- South and South West Region Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
Career Counselling Session TCF Schools-  Lahore & Sheikhupura, Punjab Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
26 Book Reading Event with Omar Shahid, chaired by Owen Bennet-Jones London, UK TCF UK
30 TCF Staff Development Day (Except Quetta & Mansehra) Training Dept.
Feb-16 8-9 Obhartey Sitarey Lahore-Elimination rounds Lahore STCF
10 Obhartey Sitarey Lahore- Team Finals Lahore STCF
27 Staff Development Day (Except Quetta & Mansehra) Training Dept.
Houston Gala Houston, USA TCF USA
Obhartey Sitarey Lahore-Finals (All genres) Lahore STCF
Mar-16 10 Final exams commence (Except Quetta & Mansehra) TCF Schools TCF
12 Silicon Valley Gala Silicon Valley, USA TCF USA
21 Final exams end (Except Quetta & Mansehra) TCF Schools TCF
22 End of Term 2015-16 TCF Schools TCF
31 Annual Result Day (Except Quetta & Mansehra) Operations Dept.
Apr-16 1 New Academic Session 16-17 commences (Except Quetta & Mansehra) TCF Schools Operations Dept.
3 Toronto Gala Toronto, Canada TCF Canada
9 Rahbar Program Phase XXII commences (7 Saturdays only) TCF Schools Volunteers & Alumni Dept.
San Antonio Gala San Antonio, USA TCF USA
30 Staff Development Day Training Dept.
May-16 1 Los Angeles Gala Los Angeles, USA TCF USA
7 Boston Gala Boston, USA TCF USA
Washington DC Gala Washington DC, USA TCF USA
21 North East Ohio Gala Ohio, USA TCF USA