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Our 2015 fundraising campaign includes a special project: the cookbook Tried and True: Recipes from Our Italian Friends, a collection of over 70 recipes that reflects the best of Mediterranean cooking, directly from the homes of our supporters. This book is a prized project for us, because in it we reveal our special secret recipes to raise funds to allow needy Pakistani kids, especially girls, to go to school. The 70 women authors have shared their tried and true “war horses”, those fail safe favorite recipes you can depend on to please family and friends. They’re recipes we’ve used to win over our husbands, introduce our kids to fish, learned as children and taught to our own children. Each author tells the unique story of her recipe.

There are differents ways to buy our special cookbook !

1. Buy a book directly from our e-shop

2. Make a donation via bank transfer to:

Associazione Italian Friends of TCF ONLUS

Banca Popolare Commercio e Industria

Via della Moscova 33

Milano 20121 Italy

IBAN: IT79 E050 4801 6010 0000 0006 391


Tax ID n. IT97653500153

Write to us where to send your book:

3. Donate through PayPal, directly on the Paypal website:

Using the following email address:

Write to us where to send your book:


Every single penny obtained from the sale of the book after its launch will go towards the kids and the schools of The Citizens Foundation – TCF.

Watch the project TRAILER created by Maddalena Crosti (official Filmmaker for Italian Friends of TCF) for the crowdfunding to produce the book.